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Your Decision Point consultation begins with a discussion of your concern. I will work with you to identify your core issue and help you to craft the question or questions that will yield a meaningful response from the I Ching. Along the way, I will explain why a certain approach or phrasing can be especially useful for obtaining the clarity you seek. For certain situations I will advise beginning with one question; for others, we can develop a variety of options to present to the I Ching. In all cases, there will be time to ask at least one follow-up question to clarify your reading. Your 30-minute session will be devoted to 1 topic, and your 60-minute session can cover 1 or 2 topics.

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Next, we will perform the divination procedure. While it is generally best if you, the querent, does this part, I will guide you, or conduct the procedure on your behalf. Generally I recommend the modern coin method but if you prefer to use the traditional “yarrow stalks” (a procedure that takes 3 times as long but can foster a more meditative approach to your question) that can be arranged as well. I can further explain the differences when we talk. There is also a way to do the coin method that replicates the odds of the stalk method (which are different from the modern coin method). If you do either of these methods, the odds of receiving certain readings are far lower. Whichever way you choose, however, you can receive meaningful readings!

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Finally, we will discuss your results, which are in the form of 1 or 2 hexagrams per question, along with any change lines that appeared during the reading. To ensure that all relevant perspectives are considered, I will usually consult more than one translation when sharing the I Ching’s wisdom with you. I generally read the relevant passages (to give you the opportunity to hear the “voice” of the I Ching) and then interpret them, based on the question. During this whole interpretative process, I will discuss all images and relationships that I believe speak to your reading. For some topics, it is appropriate to discuss the I Ching’s response to the opening question before crafting additional questions.

A 30- or 60-minute consultation generally focuses on readings for one person, but others can be present or listen in, if you allow. For certain topics, we can use the 60-minute format to address questions from 2 people.

Alternatively, you can engage my expertise to guide you in learning how to interpret the I Ching for yourself, or to help you interpret reading(s) you’ve done on your own. We can talk about how many sessions you’d like, then structure the content of our meetings accordingly. Topics covered will be how to craft a question, conduct a reading, look up the resulting hexagram(s), and interpret the text to receive meaningful answers. The instruction will also involve conducting some sample readings together. Sessions are 30 or 60 minutes at the rates quoted below.

Phone or video sessions

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Perhaps the simplest way to schedule a consultation session by phone or video is to use the Contact Form. Once you submit your contact information, I will email you to set up a time, and you will inform me at that time if you’d rather have the session to be held by phone or video. (There is no difference in cost.)

After we have scheduled the session, I will ask you to revisit this page to submit your payment using the convenient PayPal buttons below.

Prices  (Phone or Video sessions):

30 minutes (up to 3 separate questions on the same or related topic): $40.
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60 minutes  (up to 6 separate questions on the same or 2 different topics): $75.
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To choose a different amount you wish to pay, go directly to PayPal and type in an amount.

In-person sessions


I occasionally do readings in public settings, such as at spiritually-oriented festivals or in retail establishments. If you are in the Boston area and would like an in-person session, please check my availability below under the “Events” heading below, and send me a message using the Contact Form to set up an appointment. I will share prices with you at that time (though they will probably be comparable to those above).

Party/group engagements


I am also available to give readings to you, your friends and family, or other groups at private gatherings around southern New England. Pricing is based on your location and the duration of the engagement. This can be a fun and interesting way to introduce your circle to the I Ching, and give you all a common experience to share (or not!). Please reach out using the Contact Form, and I will get back to you.



Watch this space for upcoming events where I’ll be reading in person!

To schedule a reading, click below to send a message.